Thursday, September 15, 2005


I in a major panic because I realized the other day as I was packing up the socks for my sock pal that I goofed. In a big way. The cuff on one is shorter and on the other one the heel is smaller than the good heel. WTF?! I swear while making both socks that everything was fine. I call foul. Someone must have snuck in and re-knit them in a poor way. I really don't want to send off effed up socks. So I'm going to reknit them. This will cause problems because my secret pal won't get them until I fix my mistakes! UGH! See, my gauge is off, and I fixed it on one sock and I think I was spacy and didn't fix the pattern on the other sock.

I am planning on sending a little knitting type gift to my secret pal, with a note of my apparent troubles. Do I also inform said secret pal who I am?

Dear Secret Pal,

I suck. I goofed up. I swear I've knit socks before, really I have. I just mess up this pattern. Or something. Don't hate me, you WILL GET THEM!! They really are worth the wait! For realz!!

Your friend,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried 2 socks on one circular? I know it sounds hard and I havent tried it yet, but it looks easy enough and I will try on my next pair. I am doing my very first sock magic loop style ($8 pamphlet from my local shop) and it's actually very easy so I invested in a pair of 40" addi turbos so I can try the two at once next. I'm just interested so my socks will match, since I've had difficulty with mittens matching before. But there are plenty of sites with tips and patterns that can all be adapted. Good luck on matching socks!

5:07 PM  

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